June 26, 2017
  4:00 PMB - Cola and Canvas
  5pm-M-| Camp GeoTrekkers The Scoop on Poop Elkhart County Parks
  6:30pm-M-Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010
   June 27, 2017
  10am-OB-Storytime: AT THE CONSTRUCTION SITE: Diggers & Dumpers
  10am-PMB- Storytime
  3pm-DB-Galaxy Glow Bottle
  3pm-CB-Build a Lighthouse
  4pm-M-Teen Wii U
   June 28, 2017
  10am-DB-Story Time
  10am-M-Baby & Me
  11am-M-Camp GeoTrekkers Movie Petes Dragon
  4:30pm-PMB-Build A Craft Stick Harmonica
  6 PM Main Midweek Movie - John Wick Chapter 2
  6:30pm-M-Barn Quilt Trail with Suzi Parron
   June 29, 2017
  10am-OB-Henry and the Honeybees
  10am-M-Little Explorers
   June 30, 2017
   July 4, 2017
  CLOSED for Independence Day
   July 5, 2017
  10am-DB-Story Time
  10am-M-Baby & Me
  4:30pm- PMB - Build a Gingerbread Lake Cottage
  5pm-M-Camp GeoTrekkers Poisonous Plants & Animals Elkhart County Parks
   July 6, 2017
  10am-OB-Animal Habitats
   July 7, 2017
  3pm-M-Kids Wii U
   July 10, 2017
  10:30am-CB-2nd Monday Fibers & Yarns
  5pm-M-Camp GeoTrekkers Butterflies
  5:30pm-M-Computer One-on-One
  6pm-M-Triple P Discussion Group: Dealing with Disobedience
  6:30pm-OB-Osolo Book Club: SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME
   July 11, 2017
  10am-OB-Storytime: AT THE CONSTRUCTION SITE: Busy Builders
  10am-PMB- Storytime
  10am-M-Construction Lab
  3pm-DB-Build a Hacky Sack
  3pm-M-Cupcake Wars
  3pm-CB-Build a Lava Lamp
   July 12, 2017
  10am-DB-Story Time
  10am-M-Baby & Me
  11am-M-Camp GeoTrekkers Movie The Lego Batman Movie
  2pm-OB-Build S'more
  4:30pm-PMB- Build A Telescope
  6 PM Main Midweek Movie - Life
  6pm-M-All About the Solar Eclipse
   July 13, 2017
  10am-M-Messy Play Day
  2:30pm-M-Computer One-on-One
  3pm-OB-Fun at the Fer-ris Wheel
  4:30pm-M-| Camp GeoTrekkers Theater Practice
  6:30pm-CB-2nd Thursday Fibers & Yarns
   July 14, 2017
  All Day-M-Harry Potter Day
   July 17, 2017
  10am-OB-Minute (or more) to Win It: TEAM BUILDING
  5pm-M-Camp GeoTrekkers Elkhart Police Security Robot
  6:30pm-M-Basic Microsoft Excel 2010
  6:30pm-M-Book Club: THE BOOKSHOP ON THE CORNER by Jenny Colgan
   July 18, 2017
  10am-OB-Storytime: FUN & GAMES
  10am -PMB - Storytime
  10am-M-Drive in Movie
  3pm-DB-Make a Friendship Bracelet
  3pm-CB-Build a Toothpick Tower
  4pm-M-Crafting for Charity
  5:30pm-M-Library Board of Trustees Meeting
  6pm-Wellfield Botanic Gardens-Stories in the Gardens
   July 19, 2017
  10am-DB-Story Time
  10am-M-Baby & Me
  4:30pm-PMB-Stem House Challenge
  4:30 pm-M-Camp GeoTrekkers Movie Beauty and the Beast (2017)
   July 20, 2017
  9:30am-M-Computer One-on-One
  10am-M-Triple P Discussion Group: Managing Fighting and Oppression
  4pm-CB-Duct Tape Creations
  4pm-DB-Duct tape creations
  4:30pm-M-Camp GeoTrekkers Theater Practice
  6:30pm-DB-Third Thursday Trivia
   July 24, 2017
  All Day-OB-Architectural Challenge
  4:00pm-PMB -Teen Volunteer Day
  5pn-M-Camp GeoTrekkers Building Building
  6:30pm-M-Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010
   July 25, 2017
  10am-OB-Storytime: LEFTOVERS
  3pm-CB-Build a Confetti Launcher
  3pm-DB-Rain Sticks
  4pm-M-Teen Wii U