Create Book Lists in Your Library Account

Does this sound familiar? You are browsing our online catalog and run across a title you want to remember for future check-out. You jot it  on a scrap of paper. A few weeks later you are at the Library looking for something to read. If ONLY you could remember where you put that piece of paper!

We have a solution: a simple way to list items for later check-out, keep track of EPL books you have read, perhaps collect titles on a specific subject for future reference …  Create and save lists to your EPL online account!  You can log into your account from home, work or any Public Access Catalog computer at any EPL location  and find your lists where you need them, when you need them!

Follow these steps to start creating your own lists.

How to create a list:

  1. Sign into your Elkhart Public Library account, using your library card number and PIN.
  2. On the left side of the screen, beyond the “my account” information find the My Lists box.lists 1
  3. Click on the plus sign next to My Lists.
  4. Click on Create new saved list. This will open a new page where you will create your list.lists 2
  5. Enter a title for your list in the text bar, and then click Create list.lists 3-a
  6. A new page will come up, confirming the creation of your list. To create another list, click on Create new saved title list and follow the instructions in step 5.

lists 4-a

Now that you have created your list(s), you are ready to add titles.

How to add titles to a list

  1. Click  SEARCH on the navigation bar and select the type of search you want to perform. The most commonly used is “keyword.”add list 6
  2. Type what you are  searching  for and click Go!
  3. When you find the title you were looking for, or if you see something that interests you, click on the blue text that reads Add to Listadd list 1
  4. Click on the list where you want to save the title. add list 2

The word (added) will appear in red. Congratulations! You have successfully saved the title to your list!

add list 3-aReviewing, Sharing and Printing your lists

6. To review any list, find  My Lists on the left side of the screen. Select any list to see the titles it contains.

add list 4-a7.  Once you have opened a list, look at the top right corner, just under the navigation bar.  To print your list, select Printer Friendly and follow your usual process for printing.  To send it as an email, click Email List.

lists 5

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