What do you want to know?

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Coming soon … the answers from our spring survey. We’re going through lots of data to share with you and satisfy your curiosity. 

What interests our community? What do you want to learn to be more successful in your career? What could spark more enjoyment of your free time?

And … what is the answer to the question you’ve had but never asked?

Throughout this year, Elkhart Public Library will be working on our Community Curiosity Index. This unique and creative study has been supported by the Community Foundation of Elkhart County and honored with an Opie Award for innovation.

During the spring of 2021, residents in the library service area will be getting a survey by mail to participate. The idea is to bring together people from our diverse communities to share and inspire and achieve.

The idea for the Curiosity Index is our response to a community challenge. Residents asked us to do even more to foster the joy of learning when we were writing our current strategic plan.

EnFocus Inc. is assisting the library with the development of the Curiosity Index.