Elkhart Public Library

Computers available for essential use at all locations

Elkhart Public Library is making its computers available for essential use by appointment only.

Reservations are for a 30 minutes. People may use their time to do essential things such as filing for unemployment, SNAP benefits, taxes, making a vaccine appointment and related documents and services. Please call your location to make an appointment – visitors will have to abide by current health practices and mandates, including the wearing of masks. To make an appointment for the Downtown computer center please call 574-294-2847.

Essential faxing, printing and copying will be going on by appointment as well. Printing can be done remotely, more information on that can be found here.

Appointments will be made on a first come, first served basis. Sessions will be available Monday through Saturday.

Sessions are not dependent on having a library card.

Staff will only be able to offer limited help during the sessions. Browsing social media, playing games or use other than essential business is not allowed during these sessions.