Elkhart Public Library

Give your brain the attention it deserves

BrainHQ is doctor-approved and backed by science

People work out their legs, their heart, and other muscles, but not often enough is the focus on the brain.

BrainHQ is here to change that. Elkhart Public Library now offers the brain-training app to all card holders on the web in MyEPL.org’s Digital Library or directly through the BrainHQ app.

BrainHQ uses proven neurological science to improve cognitive functions, such as attention, memory, brain speed, people skills, intelligence and navigation. Users take part in engaging and fun games designed to test and improve those skills.

The methods behind BrainHQ are proven to improve moods, speed up brain processing, and sharpen accuracy.

Dozens of neuroscientists approve of BrainHQ, and the science has been backed by more than 100 published pieces of research.

Give your brain the workout it deserves.

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