Government officials

City of Elkhart

All elected representatives work from the Municipal Building, 229 S. Second St., Elkhart, IN 46516. Call 574-294-5471 for assistance or visit the city website. The current term of these elected officials ends Dec. 31, 2027.

Rod Roberson (D)

Arvis Dawson (D-at large)
Tonda Hines (D-at large)
Alex Holtz (D-at large)
Aaron Mishler (D-1st)
Chad Crabtree (D-2nd)
David Henke (R-3rd)
Dwight Fish (D-4th)
Brent Curry (D-5th)
LaTonya King (D-6th)

Elkhart County

With a broad range of constitutional offices, from tax assessment to law enforcement, Elkhart County government operates from buildings in Elkhart, Dunlap and Goshen. For general information, call the Elkhart County commissioners’ office at 574-533-3541 or visit the county website for complete information on all elected offices. The current term of office is noted in parentheses.

Bob Barnes (R-1st; Dec. 31, 2026)
Brad Rogers (R-2nd; Dec. 31, 2024)
Suzie Weirick (R-3rd; Dec. 31, 2024)

Tom Stump (R-at large; Dec. 31, 2024)
Adam Bujalski (R-at large; Dec. 31, 2024)
Steven Clark (R-at large, Dec. 31, 2024)
Doug Graham (R-1st; Dec. 31, 2026)
Randy Yohn (R-2nd; Dec. 31, 2026)
Darryl Riegsecker (R-3rd; Dec. 31, 2026)
David Hess (R-4th; Dec. 31, 2026)

State of Indiana

The governor leads the executive branch, while the Indiana General Assembly serves in the legislative capacity. State information may be accessed by calling 800-457-8283 or visiting the state website.

Eric Holcomb (R; Jan. 9, 2025)

Lieutenant Governor
Suzanne Crouch (R; Jan. 9 2025)

Attorney General
Todd Rokita (R; Jan. 9, 2025)

Secretary of State
Diego Morales (R; Jan. 9, 2027)

State Treasurer
Daniel Elliott (R; Jan. 9, 2027)

State Comptroller
Elise Nieshalla (R; Jan. 9, 2027)

(Note: State Superintendent of Schools – As of 2021, this position is now appointed as Secretary of Education and serves in the governor’s cabinet.)

Indiana House of Representatives (local districts)
Doug Miller (R-48th)
Tim Wesco (R-21st)
Joanna King (R-49th)

Indiana Senate (local districts)
Linda Rogers (R-11th)
Blake Doriot (R-12th)

U.S. Government

For founding documents of the United States, visit the National Archives site.

Joe Biden (D; Jan. 20, 2025)

Vice President
Kamala Harris (D; Jan. 20, 2025)

U.S. House of Representatives (local district)
Rudy Yakym (R; Jan. 3, 2025)

U.S. Senate (representing Indiana)
Todd Young (R; Jan. 3, 2029)
Mike Braun (R; Jan. 3, 2025)

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