Kindergarten assessment

Know your child’s progress before kindergarten

As parents and caregivers, we worry, is my child ready for kindergarten? We want to help answer that question early.

Children will receive an assessment when they enter kindergarten. But if you want to see what is expected and where they stand, sign up for our kindergarten assessment any time in the year before they go off to school.

This 20-minute assessment session helps determine your child’s readiness for kindergarten. Parents receive personalized advice on how to prepare their child and if they need a boost, Growing Readers is here to help. The assessment needs to be done only once.

One of our certified teachers will administer the nationally standardized reading readiness assessment, along with local kindergarten readiness checklists. 

Our teachers will give tips and answer questions, ensuring your child’s smooth transition into kindergarten.

Sign up below and we will contact you to arrange a time that works in your schedule.

Kindergarten Assessment