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“The library has so many free resources available for children. It gives us a sense of community.”

Yumi Otsuka Patron

Jackie Benedict

Our family is thankful for such an amazing Summer Reading Challenge. We have told countless people how awesome it is, and we continue to be so impressed with the prizes—especially with the prizes from the local businesses and parks.

Jackie Benedict Patron

Marva Netherland

“This library has been so many things to me and my family. People think of libraries as being staid institutions, but when you have creative staff, for me it seems to fit right into my wheelhouse.”

Marva Netherland Patron

Patrick Jackson

“It’s cool that everyone is friendly and recognize you, they take care of you,”

Patrick Jackson Patron

Dianna Naumann

“I know a lot of our neighbors are using the library more based on the increase in activities that are family friendly.”

Dianna Naumann Patron

Maira Funes

“The library is a place for everyone, there’s no discrimination.”

Maira Funes Patron

Bridgit Johnson

“We had so much fun with 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten! It’s such a neat way to keep kids excited about reading!”

Bridgit Johnson Patron

Sam Que

“The library is a special place for me, I love to listen to music and the library was really formative to me.”

Sam Que Musician

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