Access books anywhere with Overdrive

Getting access to your reading and listening materials is easier than ever as the summer wraps up and school starts back up.

OverDrive, the ebook and audiobook provider, has some recommended books for young readers and adults alike. Access OverDrive through or by downloading their app and entering your library card information.

The books are available for free for library users using their library card or a student ecard. This way there’s nothing to return and plenty of great books to read.

OverDrive has a wide variety of both ebooks and audiobooks to choose from, ranging from a juvenile collection all the way up to adult, so there is something to satisfy everyone in the family.

It also allows Kindle compatible materials to fit all your devices.

With OverDrive, that won’t be an issue, offering plenty of titles right at young fingertips so that a book is just a click away.