Ecards connect students to…everything

New backpacks, fresh pencils, and notebooks aren’t the only things students need to thrive in the new school year. 

Students also need the know-how and the tools to kick their learning into high gear. 

It starts with their fantastic teachers, of course. Elkhart Public Library also takes it up a notch with ecards. 

Within the first few weeks of the school year, each student in Concord and Elkhart community schools, as well as participating private schools in the library service area, will receive library access. Ecards come with unique numbers, allowing students use of resources and databases located in Digital Library.  

To get started, visit

With the card number and PIN, students will find resources like free tutoring with Brainfuse, available daily 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and TumbleBooks, offering free books to young readers up to grade 6. Resources with videos, Spanish-language books, and many more services can be accessed, too. 

Whether it’s history, English, math, or current events, ecards empower students to complement classroom learning with more research, live help, and even entertainment for when schoolwork is finished. 

Questions about ecards? Contact our reference librarians