Elkhart Public Library teaming up with NASA to implement STEAM education programs

Celebrating the sun, moon and life here on Earth, Elkhart Public Library is ready to kick off its second year with NASA @ My Library.

One of just 75 libraries nationwide chosen for the program, Elkhart was selected for its commitment to STEAM education – science, technology, engineering, arts and math. ETHOS Science Center and Elkhart Community Schools will be partners in the programming, which will start this summer and continue through the end of the year.

“NASA @ My Library is an excellent opportunity for our Library to continue meeting two core goals: early literacy and lifelong learning,” said Allison McLean, who will administer grant activities as the head of Young People’s Services at Elkhart Public Library. “The grant gives us even more opportunities to get our community and our kids dreaming big about the world – and universe – in which they live.”

After focusing on the solar eclipse last year, culminating with a large community celebration and watch event in downtown Elkhart, this fall and winter the focus shifts to Mars. NASA will have an exploratory lander, named InSight, scheduled for landing on Mars Nov. 26 and EPL will be marking the occasion by focusing programming on our nearest planetary neighbor.

On Nov. 26, we’re celebrating the landing by learning about its mission, making artwork, taking photos on Mars and more. The event is free.

Additionally, there will be other Mars-related programming this fall and winter including a Mars themed escape room experience on Oct. 1 and a number of Art and the Cosmos programs at our branches. Other events include a preschool Mars program downtown Nov. 5 and a different Mars program downtown Nov. 12. Check the events calendar for all the events related to NASA @ My Library.

The NASA @ My Library project is led by the National Center for Interactive Learning at the Space Science Institute. Partners include the American Library Association, Pacific Science Center, Cornerstones of Science, and Education Development Center. NASA @ My Library is made possible through the support of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Science Mission Directorate, part of its STEM Activation program.

For complete information on Elkhart Public Library’s events, visit MyEPL.org.