EPL card unlocks savings

High prices seem to be everywhere, except the library. 

An Elkhart Public Library card is free.  

And the value it unlocks saves families money. 

Elizabeth Ordoñez knows a good deal when she sees one. 

“Elkhart Public Library offers a lot of great resources for me, my family and also as a teacher,” she says. 

Digital resources like Hoopla offer digital music, TV and movies to replace Spotify or Amazon Music, Netflix or Paramount+.  

Libby, PressReader and Hoopla offer ebooks and magazines.  

Audiobook services like Audible can be replaced with Libby and Hoopla, as well. 

“As a single mother of four boys, every little bit helps,” says Elizabeth. 

Last year, library cardholders saved an average of $643.47 over the cost of buying those items. Children with library cards saved an average of $289.13 on the items they checked out. 

The library remains a place to go without spending money, something A.C. McCray appreciates. 

“I bring my kids almost every Saturday,” he says. “It’s improved things for all of us, as we usually can’t afford to do a lot.” 

Kids pick out books that are new and different to them. The movie section offers titles that may not be found on streaming or are on the one platform a family isn’t subscribed to, like HBO.  

Start saving by signing up for a card online or in person at any of our five locations.