EPL is your after school headquarters

From tutors to research and more, Elkhart Public Library has the tools to help make the 2018-19 school year a success.

EPL strives to help students and parents ease back into the school year and be both a yearlong resource for all your education needs, as well as an after school destination for both homework, research and fun activities for when students just want to unwind and

Starting with ecards, students inside of EPL’s district get access to all of the library’s online resources and databases. Ecards are issued to every student inside of EPL’s district.

These services include research and source material for papers, homework help and much more. Click here to read about our ecards.

Never be stumped on homework again with Brainfuse. Access with a library card through either our website or with their mobile app and get access to test studying or calculus help. Click here to access Brainfuse.

Homework Help is available at all EPL branch locations with National Honor Society students offering assistance on any subject. For locations and details on Homework Help click here.

For those times that you’re looking to escape your schoolwork or need something fun to do after it’s all completed, check out the events calendar and find a fun event to attend, there is plenty going on at all the branches this fall.