EPL offers solutions, training for local business

When looking for a quick and inexpensive way to get her employees computer training they needed, Michaela Oberbauer, the general manager for Kiel, turned to the Elkhart Public Library.

Oberbauer frequents EPL and it was on one of those visits that she discovered the computer classes that are offered.

“I asked if I could have a private class,” she said.

Working with Steve Thorpe, computer services teacher, she was able to get her employees at Kiel, a seat manufacturer for buses and trains, a basic Microsoft Excel class so that they could build spreadsheets for inventory, purchasing and other calculations.

“The benefits are that the library is set up with the equipment there and that Steve has done a wonderful job giving helpful handout sheets,” says Oberbauer.

After around 13 of her employees went through the beginner course and now she is working to organize some advanced classes as well.

“It’s been very helpful, we’ve all benefited, but every single one has learned something,” she says of the classes.

Oberbauer said that working with EPL has been great for her business.

“Everyone at the library is very customer oriented and I am thrilled that we have such a good public library here,” Oberbauer says.

“It’s local, it’s free…I highly recommend it.”