Journey to 1,000 books: Book Bundles add titles

Editor’s note: This is the third part in a series documenting one parent’s approach to 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten.

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I realize that I have no frame of reference because Holly is my first child but I feel like she is very smart and I do think I can say that some of that is thanks to 1,000 Books.

We’re closing in on 500 books read now and Holly’s vocabulary is growing daily and she can even recognize numbers and tries to count.

It can’t all just be the reading that we’re doing with her, because they work on those things at her daycare and we obviously work with her on those skills too, but I do think that books are playing their part too.

She can recognize a large variety of animals and the sounds they make (except she seems to stubbornly believe that cats say “hhhhhhiiiiiii” instead of “meow,” but that’s a story for another time) and she is beginning to point at certain letters in her books and either identify them or ask us to identify them for her.

As we work to expose to her more and more books and not just the ones already in our house, we have utilized EPL’s Book Bundles.

It’s a super easy form to fill out and we can pick books with certain themes or subjects that Holly likes or that we want to work with her on, such as counting, farm animals or sharing.

On the last one I picked up, I chose counting and then I threw on “surprise me” and I requested any of the books that you, dear readers, suggested the last time I posted on Facebook.

Of course she has her favorites that rotate in and out no matter what. Lately she’s loved Dr. Seuss’s ABC and Go, Dog, Go by P.D. Eastman.

We have some traveling coming up so I am sure we will be reading more and maybe some new titles as well.

With the holidays coming up I am hoping we can work in some more seasonal books as well.

As always drop a book suggestion in the comments on Facebook.

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