Local financial resources in this time of need

In this time of uncertainty, there’s a lot on your mind. Unfortunately for many, financial strain has come along with the shutdown of, basically everything.

Luckily there are several groups in Elkhart and surrounding area that are offering financial assistance services.

LaCasa’s Financial Empowerment Team can help guide you on a number of topics. They’re now happy to offer a free 15-minute phone call.

Topics Include:

How To Stretch Your Income

How to prioritize your bills

How to communicate with creditors

Protecting Your Credit

Understanding loan/credit options

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Other local financial resources include:

Church Community Services – Financial Servicestransitioning to electronic transactions. Financial assistance with prescriptions, rent, and related needs. 

Everence: Free Budget and Debt Counseling Services. English and Spanish Language available. Also, fund sharing for church congregations. 

Everence offers a budget and debt counseling program, in partnership with LSS Financial Counseling, to help individuals tackle their financial concerns, from how to get out of debt, what to know about loans and credit scores, and assistance with other money-related issues.LSS is one of the nation’s leading consumer credit counseling agencies, with a 30-year history of providing nonprofit, certified financial counseling. Individuals may access this service toll-free at 877-809-0039 for English-language counselors or 855-292-0131 for Spanish-language counselors. Amish and related faith communities may also utilize this service through mail correspondence, details of which are available through local Everence offices. Additional details are available at everence.com/budget-and-debt-counseling. 

Ways to help financially:

People can donate to a fund that local non-profits can use via grant applications to provide services related to basic needs relief, short term response and long term recovery.