Looking for new books? NoveList has it all

A fairly decent number of library users seem to like books. Also unsurprisingly, library power users also like to know what new books are on the shelves or coming soon.

The best resource offered by Elkhart Public Library for those folks looking for a dose of new book smell can turn to NoveList Plus. This online tool, available in the Digital Library section, lets users see fresh titles available in almost every conceivable genre and age group.

The site also provides author and book suggestions based on what each individual reader likes, book lists for students reading for fun or school, or the uber popular peek at books being turned into movies.

And readers who find something they like that’s not yet in the EPL catalog can send us a purchase suggestion.

NoveList Plus is the premier site for helping readers of all ages find just the right book. Need help navigating the site? Stop by any library location, call 574-522-5669, or contact us via the web.