Elkhart Public Library

Read up on nuclear energy for Michiana Science Cafe

Science doesn’t just happen in white-coat labs. Discoveries can be made in conversations, leading to greater understanding and new routes of research.

The Michiana Science Cafe is a product of the Science Policy Initiative at Notre Dame. The goal? Make science available to everyone.

The fall season kicks off Tuesday, Sept. 29, on the topic of nuclear energy. To expand your curiosity, Elkhart Public Library offers these reading suggestions to get you into the discussion.

* “Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy” by Gwyneth Cravens
* “How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate (1st ed.)” by Andrew J. Hoffman

A third work, “The Moral Imperative of Green Nuclear Energy Production,” by Notre Dame philosophy professor Don Howard, also is recommended reading.

The upcoming fall season will be happening virtually. Facebook Live will be the platform. The discussion leader invites comments and questions.

Nirupama Sensharma, a Ph.D. candidate in physics at Notre Dame and an advocate of peaceful applications of nuclear power, will be featured. “Nuclear Energy – The Better Energy?” will touch on the economic, political and scientific issues of current nuclear policy, and whether alternatives exist relating to climate change.

The cafes occur in casual settings, with conversations targeted toward adults. The events give participants an opportunity to meet, hear from, and ask questions of local scientists.

And, just like borrowing books from the library, the events are free.