Unlock your potential at the library

Elkhart Public Library is here to help you unlock your potential. We’re backing up our vision by presenting our community with a key. 

Starting today, we have a new look. With the addition of orange to our color scheme, our key design will start being seen in our buildings and around the community. Our hope is to have the new logo in full use by the time we kick off “Destination: Imagination,” our 2020 summer reading campaign.

The design is significant to our past, present and future. 

Our vision statement, adopted with our strategic plan in 2018, is to help every person develop their fullest potential. This helps us achieve the second part of the vision, to assist our diverse communities in growing strong and connected. 

The shape of the logo also pays tribute to Elkhart Public Library’s history. The “tree of knowledge” design was created by one of Elkhart’s renowned artists, the late Ted Drake, in the early 1960s. The original idea still can be seen above the front doors at our downtown location, and the sparks coming from the top of the key can be seen in a different way as leaves on a tree. 

Elkhart’s library has been defined by blue for a number of years. Blue is a color known to signify both trust and honesty. Blue creates a calm and reduced stress environment, while also signifying order – a quality in which our library staff takes pride.

The addition of orange adds optimism and adventurous creativity. It brings us a color known to fascinate, stimulate the brain, express freedom, and communicate fun. 

How can we help unlock your potential? Just look for the key – the answers are waiting inside.