Wall Street Journal available with your library card

Access unlimited free articles from the Wall Street Journal with your Elkhart Public Library card. 

Available now through the Digital Library, cardholders can enjoy free access to the Wall Street Journal’s award-winning journalism without becoming a paid subscriber. 

WSJ.com is available both inside all library locations and from anywhere. Use the link on our Digital Library page and create a free WSJ.com account. This will give you access for three days. After the three days expire, you can return to the link and login with the account you’ve created to renew access. 

WSJ.com includes newsletters, alerts, and the four-year article archive, plus podcasts and videos. 

Wall Street Journal access is available through the Elkhart Public Library Digital Library, which is always open at MyEPL.org/info247. The Digital Library has an array of resources offering ebooks, audiobooks, streaming TV and movies, homework help, language lessons, genealogy, crafting ideas and much, much more.