Elkhart Public Library

Rocking the roof – free Curbside Concerts are back

Curbside Concerts are back. The free shows, performed by bands on our rooftop in downtown Elkhart, will start back up Thursday, Aug. 5. First up in the series will be high-energy Rica Obsesion, an Elkhart Jazz Fest favorite with lively horns and powerful percussion. The series also includes Maybe April, an award-winning Americana group featuring […]

Ecards lead to success for students

As students begin the 2021-2022 school year, Elkhart Public Library is delivering them with one tool that will help them achieve academic success both virtually and at school. For the sixth full school year, students in the Elkhart and Concord school systems, as well as participating private schools, will receive an ecard from EPL in […]

Top 10…Things you can find in EPL’s Digital Library

Using our Digital Library is very easy, whether you’re using your EPL card or a student ecard, the Digital Library has all of the answers, entertainment and reading materials you could ever want. 10. Test prep – LearningExpress provides practice and test prep for college standardization tests, including the SAT and ACT. 9. Research – […]

Journey to 1,000 Books: An honest parent’s approach

The first 100 One thousand books seems like a lot when starting out, but like a lot of things when you’re raising a child, it’s going faster than I thought. Of course I feel a different pull to successfully finish the program, since I am an employee of Elkhart Public Library. I am the communications […]